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Original Version

This is the original version of a piece; it shows the pixel behavior upon manipulation simply in Photoshop without AI.The foundation for this piece or discovery is formless photo pixel content, a nothingness of blurred green outdoors. It was manipulated in an intuitive flow after 'breaking up' with photography and continued in Photoshop without AI until new imaginative forms appeared.I did this on a labtop while often moving around in Germany. Somehow the movement translated into an intuitive flow of process making some invisible forms visible which may be a similar process to analogue development. Because it was nothing to begin with akin to a blank canvas, I called the results Ex Nihilo. (2016-2022)

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Tree of Life

This is the best version on display at the 2023 CAS members exhibition in London. It was upscaled,re-edited and refined wheras it is not always possible to upscale such pieces for good.


This is a variant of the original at a different stage of manipulation; a kind of non conformist photo editing which emerged in Photoshop without AI. A similar one is available at