Dlela Lombard is a german visionary photo and digital artist/painter who works across a multitude of mediums, acrylic,ink and color pens, Photoshop (22 years without AI , collage, photography among other materials. Approaching the new medium with a scientific mind Lombard's process of digital transformation is a discovery and taking formless photo pixel content further into new forms exploring divinity within her work: making the invisible visible - digitally speaking being able to create out of nothing akin to a blank canvas about which she feels that color and form have their own soul. Making the invisible visible has its roots also in black & white photographic development especially as the art of seeing in a dark room and making the latent or invisible visible.It was only through photography that making unconscious conscious was evolving in my early years.The camera lens was then like an extension of the spiritual eye.Then one can see ones own mud conditions better and eventually continue as an alchemist transforming.Moreover, in 2023 influenced by surrealism which is chance operation, text-image is another extension into new forms; own vision and vocabulary, own sense of space, color,form and was building up originally with a painter name who does not exist which is surrealism per se; keeping myself up to date simply by doing and undoing.The Universe enjoys the play of form and one can be a medium for it.Through work in a flow I could transcend and get deeper not only into pixels but also into my source of creativity and being.

self taught+

text-to-image - examples

text image process feels like shooting with a camera motordrive;

surrealist text automatism

Self taught in NFT Json & crypto / platform tests 2021-2022

Rare digital creation process without AI (2016-2022) transforming digital formless pixel content into new imaginative surreal forms

International crime themed book cover art / photo library UK/Spain as a study of the collective unconscious and collection of material and training into the digital medium,models were scouted outdoors.

Henry Boxer Gallery London

Zoom International Magazine Italy

Brighton&Hove Museum and Art Gallery

Photoshop in 2000 intro

Individuation/ Rebirth/Tao Alchemist/Being

confrontation with shadow is inner alchemy

'meet your creator !'

Munich,Germany photo shoots for some musicians in Munich Assistant to Monika Robl, fashion photographer in studio and B/W lab in Munich,Germany. Directing own photo shoots for small advertisement agency in Munich 1,5 years Ski Wear / BMW

1 year private school for analogue Photography in Hamburg, Germany and still photography on various film sets.The artists whom I admired then was Helmut Newton,Man Ray and Max Ernst and last not least was influenced at this time by my father who was a screen writer, film maker,journalist and a bad father.

Childhood Trauma